View Full Version : lookin for a caithness band to join or form

11-Nov-03, 00:31
hey folks,
my names Scott Beveridge, i'm 16 i live in Wick, and i'm curious bout puttin together a new band in caithness, i play giutar and am lookin for a second guitarist, bassist and drummer and vocalist all between the ages of 15 and 20 (anyone Who can do one of the above + sing, it'd b good).
Influences include AFI, Finch, Funeral For a Firend, Linkin Park and System of a Down amongst others

any1 intersted contact me at r3tard3d_chimp@hotmail.com

hope 2 here from folk soon :evil :evil :evil

11-Nov-03, 18:11
Finch rock :)

12-Nov-03, 05:36
i've seen them... and i've seen funeral for a friend twice

awesome live bands

13-Nov-03, 06:43
yeah they're good......i've saw S O A D live......that was mental......two ppl passed out and had to be crowd surfed out!

13-Nov-03, 11:50
I had backstage and after party for Jane's Addiction in the Hammersmith Apollo last night. I couldn't go. Gutted.

15-Nov-03, 01:35
[mad] [mad] OK ppl i think we've slightly missed the point o this thread, i'm lookin for ppl to form a band with, i mean i already kno how gr8 Finch SOAD etc thats why i put them down as influences. i luv those band so much they've influenced they way i play music. So seriously folks if u dont hav a serious post bout wantin to get together n play sum good music dont bother. $c0tt

15-Nov-03, 22:29

16-Nov-03, 18:02
dry yer eyes scott man! chill out! who else do you hav to jam with? is it just ursel at the moment?

18-Nov-03, 17:48
Well, if you act like that its no wonder you're not in a band. Fits don't go down well with the jam, maan


23-Nov-03, 23:58
:( sorry for the outburst folks i jus felt ppl were'nt taking my thread seriously,i'm generally a pretty easy goin guy i was jus in a bad mood when i posted that, but anyway yea i am on my own jus now coz none of my friends r really interested in playing that sorta stuff, i used to play with 3 guys who went on 2 become Jack Infected Jill (you may hav heard or them,they've played a few times, round the county) but i wasnt really into wot they play, leavin me bandless. i tried 4 or 5 othr guys and a girl aftr that but there wasnt much in the way of agreement on wot 2 play, n a couple o the guys hated each other from day . Anyway sorry. Hope that answered u'r question "Guitarzan"