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04-Jun-09, 11:53
Hi all

Can anyone recommend an optician who is firstly good, and secondly good with kids?

My daughter is convinced she needs her eyes testing (she's 11) but I'm not sure whether it would be best to go down the line or if the opticians in Caithness are just as good.

I don't want her to have glasses because she's convinced she needs them (I wear them and I think she just fancies a pair) but just if she actually, really needs them.

Thanks peeps :D

04-Jun-09, 12:08
When did she last have her eyes tested? Did any problems show up then?

I started taking my children when they were 18 months old for eye tests, and thereafter every year (or maybe it's every two years). As far as I know that is the schedule all children should be tested by.

It's free, so if she hasn't had one in the last couple of years, then I would think she is definitely overdue.

04-Jun-09, 12:09
Sorry, should have said - we have always used the optician in Thurso and have not had any problems. Can't comment on any down south though really. :)

04-Jun-09, 12:32
I took my 2 to Vision Express in Inverness. They were excellent with the kids (aged 6 &10). Explained everthing to them first and took time to speak to them.

04-Jun-09, 13:06
Kids get a free eye test every year until the age of 16-17 when it will be a 2 year recall . Younger children may be put on a 6 month recall.

04-Jun-09, 19:38
thanks for the replies :D

It's been about a year but I dont want to wait until Specsavers do their once a month visit (cant get in next week)

I dont think she has any problems but its best to make sure

07-Jun-09, 14:49
duncan & todd wick are very good

07-Jun-09, 15:54
Thanks Nicky :)