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03-Jun-09, 19:28
Has anyone got a dual sim mobile phone.
Do they work on uk networks.

04-Jun-09, 10:34
I used to have one, it worked fine on both orange and vodafone. sadly it no longer charges :(

04-Jun-09, 10:54
I bought one from ebay for my girlfriend and it works fine for her using her Orange and vodafone sims. Before it was awkward for her using two mobiles but now its a lot easier for her.

The sim1 can work with: any network except 3
The sim2 can work with: orange, T-mobile and virgin

Its a Korean mobile - brand name is Dorado made by Kyocera. When I first saw it I was worried but all the menus are in English and many other languages.

She has never had any probs with it, using it for over 6 months now.

see link here - http://shop.ebay.co.uk/items/?_nkw=dorado+mobile&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1311&_odkw=dorado+d800&_osacat=0

arana negra
04-Jun-09, 10:56
I had one many moons ago (its in a drawer somewhere) I found it a pain the proverbial, might look it out and see if I can work now. Life is much less stressed now than then.

04-Jun-09, 14:06
Thank's folks, i think i will go ahead and buy one now cheers.