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10-Mar-06, 22:02
One of my kids downloaded MSN plus to get short audio clips. But now I see the 'favourites' have about six folders leading to umpteen links that cannot be deleted by the favorites organizer and we are bombarded by popups inviting us to play poker, etc. :mad: I have a popup blocker and Norton AV set up.

How can I get rid of these :confused: . Can someone help.


10-Mar-06, 22:15
i also have the same problem with pop ups , casinos poker etc , plus some very undesirable ones. [mad]

10-Mar-06, 22:23
Its a pain in the neck. Kids just want some fun and we end up with a load of companies wanting to sell something. And not making it easy to get rid of it, its like being forced to read junk mail by a salesman before he leaves.

11-Mar-06, 01:01

Download, install and run both Adaware: http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/

and Spybot Search and Destroy: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html

Update the definitions after you have installed each one, before running the programs.



Mr P Cannop
11-Mar-06, 09:59
get service pack 2 from windows update

11-Mar-06, 20:42
Thanks, I'll try those.

13-Mar-06, 14:18
If you are using Windows Xp then do a system restore to take the machine back to previously kown good config --- Start/All Programs/System Tools/System Restore.:o)