View Full Version : Digital camera memory card.

10-Mar-06, 15:55
I have an Olympus C-160 digital camera which came with an Olympus 16mb xd memory card and I also purchased a Fujifilm 32mb memory card. The query I have is:- When I use the Olympus memory card I can set the camera for panoramic photos but, when I try the Fujifilm memory card it does not let me use the panoramic setting. Help would be apprciated.

10-Mar-06, 16:16
I also have an olypus and the only way your gonna get the panoramic is to buy an olympus panoramic card that i can work out. You can get them from the like of amazon or play.com and they the same price as all the other types of cards.

10-Mar-06, 17:57
Try 7dayshop.com they are very cheap for xd cards.

10-Mar-06, 18:54
I would have thought all memory cards had panoramic on them. Bit of a rip off really. :~(