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02-Jun-09, 14:03
Hi There

The rubber bubble, the bubble you press to coax the fuel through on my petrol lawn moer has burst, does anyone know if I could replace this myself (if so where would I buy the new part), or do I need someone to look at it? If so can anyone recommend someone in the Thurso area?


03-Jun-09, 07:51
Try the garage in Watten - sorry canna help with a phone number

03-Jun-09, 08:45
you can buy the part for them,if its what pushes the fuel through.
have a look on ebay and also run a search. there not to hard to fit. :)

03-Jun-09, 09:35
If you need your lawnmower repaired this summer then don't go to Allans of Gillock at Watten. Just had a bad after sales experience with them recently for repairs. Would not recommend going there!!

16-Jun-09, 16:41
Can any one reccommend any where else in the caithness area for a lawn mower repair/service??

16-Jun-09, 21:02
Robertsons of Tain in wick!!

tracy ann
18-Jun-09, 10:16
A&S Agricultural Services at Nipster Farm, Gillock

caramel joy
22-Jun-09, 21:47
i have had my mower repaired & serviced by a man in wick very reasonably priced & i would recommend him. his phone number is 01955603507

22-Jun-09, 22:50
A friend had this part eaten by mice !!!! :eek:
Easy to replace, its held in place by a circlip.