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02-Jun-09, 12:49
got guitar hero metallica today didnt realise u had to sing all the time

bit waste of my money really

02-Jun-09, 13:44
got guitar hero metallica today didnt realise u had to sing all the time

bit waste of my money really

So it's 'Singstar Metallica'? and NOT 'Guitar Hero Metallica'?, could you elaborate more on this, as i was planning on asking the missus to get it for my birthday, i'm not interested in a game where i have to sing.

02-Jun-09, 13:48
What makes you think you HAVE to sing all the time?

02-Jun-09, 14:00
u had to sing all the time

had to sing all the time

sing all the time

That surely?

02-Jun-09, 15:20
well all i have done so far is sing :(

it dont give u the option to choose if u want to sing or play guitar which is so annoying if i cant figure out how to use guitar on it alone in career then il be selling it.. total waste of my money ....

only way u can play guitar is if u play on live or on head to head but u gotta have 2 people playing

02-Jun-09, 15:38
Hi Laurad.

The reviews don't mention this limitation and the demo lets you play with just the guitar. I hope it's just a glitch as I was thinking of getting it at some point!

If you just plug the guitar in and no microphone what does it do? Any messages pop up? Are you using a guitar controller or just the joypad?

02-Jun-09, 15:42
You must be doing something wrong woman

02-Jun-09, 15:48

Do you have the guitar add on?

I read online that in Guitar Hero World Tour if you don't have the guitar and try to use the standard controller it goes to singing mode only.

02-Jun-09, 15:50
i dont have the world tour at all

whats the add on

02-Jun-09, 15:53
Hi Laurad

The guitar controller/add on. See the link below.


If you don't have one of those or a similar one then it looks like the game reverts to sing only mode.

02-Jun-09, 15:55
so would i have to buy that guitar aswell as the black one that i have got already??

02-Jun-09, 16:00
No not if you have one already!

What console do you have? Is the guitar wireless or does it plug in?

If the guitar is wireless are there batteries in it.

Also if wireless has it been synchronised with the console so the console can "see" it? There will instructions with thr game to show how to do this.

02-Jun-09, 16:37
Hope you get the problem sorted Laurad....

As a side point.....are Metallica now becoming mainstream? Even their older tunes?

02-Jun-09, 17:19
yeah its a wireless one and yeah it has new batteries in it..

It is synchronised with the xbox360

we have an xbox360 Elite, there is not much instructions with the game but il have another look soon...thanks

Celtic YNWA
03-Jun-09, 17:40
Have got it working yet?

Celtic YNWA
03-Jun-09, 17:41
Whoops forgot "you".:lol::lol: