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01-Jun-09, 08:03
There's a vaccination campaign at the moment www.vaccinationmonth.co.uk (http://www.vaccinationmonth.co.uk) , you can get a discount on vaccinations for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits.

With dogs it must be 18 months of age or older and not been vaccinated for the last 18 months and you can get up to 30.00 off, not sure about the other animals, I think an appointment has to be booked in June and the Thurso and Wick vets are participating.

11-Jun-09, 14:52
Interesting article about National Vaccination Month :


11-Jun-09, 15:02
Very interesting.........mine will not be re vaccinated this year or any other year.i made this decision based on the fact that i lost a cocker lad [7 years old] 17 days after his booster.he was always vacc. ,but now i do not.

i did re vacc. my girls last year as i thought they might be going into kennels when/iff iwent to hospital.but there are not really any kennel places available in the area...........so pet sitters are my only option.i did that with caution..........all were ok.it is up to each dog owner to make up their own minds,but i think a lot of folk vacc. as their dogs do go to kennels at some point.i think kennel owners need to review their procedures,nowadays.:)

11-Jun-09, 18:42
Don't want this to be a thread debating vaccination, just thought it would be of interest to anyone wanting to vaccinate so I am closing the thread.