View Full Version : Whippet pup

31-May-09, 19:29
Does anyone know of a breeder in or near the Caithness area. Looking for a female whippet pup for a pet. Any info would be greatly received.

mop top
01-Jun-09, 19:10
Hi Balmore have a lovely fawn whippet type in she is probably less than a year old and has a super temprement may be worth taking a look.

02-Jun-09, 18:59
Thanks for replying. Will check Balmore out tomorrow.

06-Jun-09, 14:54
We breed Whippets but won't be having anymore litters for a year or two bookings only check out our web site thanks
www.spanglefish.com/froalwhippets (http://www.spanglefish.com/froalwhippets)
:) and your more than welcome to see our gang !