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31-May-09, 12:04
With yesterday being such a lovely hot day we decided to head for the beach for a paddle to cool off a bit. Seems we were not the only ones to come up with the idea as we found this 'fella' splashing about in the rock pools at low tide



bearing in mind that it was the middle of the day and that he wasn't the slightest bit bothered about me being just 40 feet away snapping pictures i was quite suprised to see him

misty woman
31-May-09, 22:14
what really good photos,otters are so beautiful.

01-Jun-09, 20:28
Good photographs. I especially like the way you have included the seaweed as this helps to put the otter in context with its surroundings.

I used to go running on Reiss Beach during the winter months in the late 90s. There were often otter tracks in the sand.
One morning I came upon a large otter lying asleep well up the sand between the wreck and Wester River. I was following the water's edge so moved across to allow the otter a clear run to the sea. It ran leaving tracks that I noted as a reference for identification.
There were often fox tracks right down to the strandline too. You could sometimes see where they had dragged something ( a dead bird?) up to the dunes.

02-Jun-09, 20:14
i must of walked past you coz i seen him too!!