View Full Version : Caithness Moths - Poplar Hawkmoth

30-May-09, 21:53
The large Poplar Hawkmoth is the commonest and most widely distributed Hawkmoth in the UK. There have been two in my garden this week. They will be on the wing well into July. This is a male shown by the way it turns up its abdomen when at rest.


12-Jun-09, 23:38
found one of these in our bathrrom recently,stunning creature

13-Jun-09, 17:38
Hi Router

Glad you had the chance to see one of these beauties live. They have been quite common this summer - I have caught 20 in the last month.

16-Jun-09, 23:08
They really are beautiful. My wife is an avid butterfly and moth collector so to speak. It was a hobby she had when in India back in the late 70's early 80's, but she had never come across one of these until 2 weeks ago when she came upon one in the bathroom. She was taken right away.:D