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30-May-09, 16:13
At the risk of repeating myself, or being thought to have received some kind of incentive ;), I've just had another job done by Heat Centre (they've moved my oil tank to a much more appropriate position in my back garden) and again I've found them to be excellent. The standard of workmanship is very high and the attitude of all the guys is great - they make sure that they do exactly what you want and they always take the trouble to clean up after themselves.

I have no hesitation in recommending them for any work to heating systems of any type or size.:)

30-May-09, 17:14
yeah, they are pretty good. worth for a good recommendation!:D

31-May-09, 10:14
They deal with servicing my Rayburn and are excellent!

I'm saving up to get rid of it, and when I can I'll have no hesitation in getting them to install a new central heating system :D

I'd thoroughly recommend them too

31-May-09, 18:48
Yes they are excellent, knows their stuff for sure. We have had them for several jobs over the years and more than pleased with their technical knowledge, courtesey and cleaning up after them.