View Full Version : Scally goes travelling

arana negra
29-May-09, 16:22
Just a wee update :) Miss Scallywag has passed her test and can now get her passport to travel with us to UK. She has been very well lately, lots of fun and looking good. We will be in England and Scotland with her, my sister wants to keep her NO way mrs.

29-May-09, 17:00
best of luck ...enjoy ur travels.glad scally is well.;)

29-May-09, 18:21
So glad that Miss Scally is well and hope she enjoys her holidays. Does she have her own luggage?:lol:

29-May-09, 18:50
Ah...I can just see Miss Scally now complete with her Louis Vuitton luggage, high steppin it onto the plane.............!!:)
Terrific that she is doing so well.

arana negra
29-May-09, 19:06
Thanks for the messages hahah actually she does have a bag of her own for her papers, diary ( all her vet visits recorded and treatment rec ) also some treats her fresh water and small bowl, the essential poo bags and a spare carry bag and wet ones incase of accidents. Oh and lead extension for more freedom ! This goes where she goes along with her cage and fav towel :)

She will be going by ferry with us, we will add her fav toy for the exercise and comfort stops along the way. She is hoping for a new bed and some new toys (only has 2)

29-May-09, 21:14
Aah, hope you all enjoy your travels :D I'm sure Scally will be spoiled rotten and you'll need an extra suitcase for her toys on the way home :lol: