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09-Mar-06, 16:35
Can anyone tell me if there are any step classes in Thurso. I know Kate Stewart used to do one in Mount Pleasant school, but I am not sure if it is still on or not.

09-Mar-06, 17:08
Or any keep fit classes would be good!1

09-Mar-06, 19:02
Kait still does them at the school. She has classes 3 nights a week so not sure which one is the steps.

09-Mar-06, 19:16
Does she do any for beginners though? Her classes seem to be very busy and he seems to spend al the time with those who know what they are doing!! I went a few times but felt a bit lost. [mad]

09-Mar-06, 21:13
Kate Stewart runs pilates on a monday, step on a tuesday and taebo on a thursday all at 7.30 in Mount Pleasant school

2.50 a class

10-Mar-06, 10:30
Can you just turn up then - do you need your own step?

10-Mar-06, 11:36
Thanks for info. I know when I last went I just turned up and could borrow a step if they had any spare ones left (but you had to arrive early - and be careful not to take a step that belongs to someone else as I think most people leave their steps there!). It would be advisable to try and get your own step, or you can do the routine without a step, which will be easier for beginners (as it is harder with step). You will also need to take along with you an exercise mat and light weights. It is very busy, and most of the people there will have been so for a long time, so they know the routines very well. I found it was quite easy to pick up, but you don't feel silly if you can't cos there will be more people in the same situation as you!