View Full Version : ceramic floor tileing

eric pollard
27-May-09, 17:18
planning ceramic tileing my kitchen floating floor and wondering can anyone recomend someone to do this for me cheers

27-May-09, 18:25
ronnie mackay painter & decorator
tel 01955 606819 mobile 07835799234

eric pollard
27-May-09, 18:28
cheers for that i will price with him

eric pollard
29-May-09, 10:56
anyone else recomend anyone ?

29-May-09, 15:49
SSK tiling. Carol is excellent, reliable, leaves a professional finish and I think reasonable price wise.

Her number is 01955 602905 or 07912 666476.

She will keep you right about the base for your floor, sealing your tiles, what grout, etc.

I went with her after a recommendation on the Org and glad I did - she tiled a kitchen and shower room floor with slate tiles and the finish is fantastic.

Good luck!