View Full Version : Golden retrievers

27-May-09, 13:21
Hi all. Just wondered what the demand would be for golden retriever pups? I have 6mth golden and plan to breed in year plus time and would be keen to get new homes for them. Is it a desired pup in Caith as its very difficult to get these pups in scotland. they would off course be KC reg and have all paperwork, health checks etc

27-May-09, 14:09
I can't imagine you'd ever have any difficulty finding homes for golden retriever pups - especially if they have a good pedigree.

My first dog was a retriever - calm, heart of gold, great with kids... the perfect breed for a family dog.

Best of luck & don't post any pictures or I won't be able to resist!;)

27-May-09, 21:56
LOL shea a beautiful dog. Shes more white/cream than golden. have thought about giving her one set o pups and if that went ok maybe another but im just keen to know that there is a demand. Much as i love her i dont think i could cope with more than one retriever in the house lol. Thanks for your comments. P.S. Will post pics as soon as pups arrive lol approx 1and half years from now!