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26-May-09, 23:03
The Scalloped Hazel is a woodland moth on the wing in May and June. The "normal" type is medium sized with a tawny ground colour and white bordered cross line. However, in Orkney it is smaller and darker in colour. The two photographed below where caught on the same night in the same trap in a broad-leaved woodland in the north of the County. The contrast between the two is interesting because the second is small and dark similar to the Orkney type.

Type of normal size and colour


Type of small size and dark colour


27-May-09, 19:17
Photographs are excellent.
If I may, I'd like to make a suggestion. How about setting something (a coin?) along side each moth to help us gauge its size?

27-May-09, 22:59
Thanks for your comment sprint95m - point taken. I will try something with the next photographs I take. Trouble is the moths are not always co-operative and getting them and a measure in focus in the same field of view at macro level might take gretter photographic skill than I posssess!