View Full Version : Glass/glazing suppliers

26-May-09, 16:43
Does anyone know of any glass suppliers/merchants up here? Or of anywhere I can get hold of second hand glass?

I'm looking for sheets of glass (and I do mean glass, not acrylic or polycarbonate sheets). I need the type of glass that goes in greenhouses and shed windows or is used to cover pictures in frames. Just plain, simple, flat sheets of real glass.

I can't seem to find any suppliers up here and suppliers from elsewhere are reluctant to ship the glass because it is breakable.

I don't mind if the glass is new or old, in good condition or a bit chipped round the edges, I just want glass and a fair bit of it too!

26-May-09, 23:31
Have you tried Sinclair Windows?

If its second hand, get them to tell you where they're replacing windows etc, and you can pick up- cheaper for them than loading up a skip