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fifi trixibelle
26-May-09, 00:38
hi does anyone here know of a good farrier
margret has moved:~(

26-May-09, 08:31
I use Keith Hedley and co, Margaret trained with them...they are good they come when the say they are coming and can be left to get on with it in the knowledge that you will have well shod neddies and no hassles, very good with youngstock and nervous horses. 01549421234 leave a message he will get back to you!

26-May-09, 12:46
I recently used Nick Crosby, Found him to be fantastic and cheaper than Keith. No 07796221041;)

26-May-09, 17:14
Keith charges VAT Nick Crosbey does'nt i think thats why he is cheaper.

26-May-09, 19:36
We have Nick,reliable,knowledgable and patient with nervous horses and youngsters, a nice guy. :D

26-May-09, 21:02
I'am still getting Margret she still comes over from orkney, i also went throu having to change farriers but it's worked out quite good no need to change ! thou she may only be doing a selected few !

26-May-09, 22:38
i cant recomend Nick Crosbey highly enough hes been doing my boy and a friends for the past couple years always does a fab job and doesnt do work if he doesnt think it needs done unlike some who would do it just for the money.

27-May-09, 08:49
Would highly recommend Nick, he is really good and very reliable. Will pm you his numbers.

29-May-09, 14:52
i gave up trying to get a hold of nick phoned, texted and no reply, so ended up with getting keith, a huge difference in price from what margaret took for pair of fronts!! used to get a 2 ponies done with margarte for the cost of one with keith but they was very good.......

30-May-09, 10:12
If you leave him a message he will phone you back a day or two before he comes to you.

fifi trixibelle
24-Jun-09, 11:33
Hi all,
Just thanking everyone for helping me find a farrier,i left a message for nick,he failed to get back to me,so left a message for keith and he is now due to arrive sometime next week,
so,ur help is very much appreciated;);)