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25-May-09, 21:23
Hi, was wondering if anyone in Mount Pleasant (Dunnet Road) gets freeview. I know that the website says no coverage for us yet but have heard that some people in this area can get it. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

hell raizer
25-May-09, 23:24
hi truewoman, i live around that area and i get freeview. we had to get a special ariel for it, hope that helps answer your question :D

25-May-09, 23:29
thanks hell raizer, will look into getting an ariel - fingers crossed it'll work for us to.

26-May-09, 00:59
make sure you get a wideband aerial installed
at present, a couple of the sky muxes are on channels in the 50/60 ch no. area
a typical aerial will not work, you need a wideband one.

onve the switchover happens then it will be ok as the main transmitter will be freeview but at present although ok, many cannot get sky because of this problem

[for the techy minded, most but not all the freeview channels are around the top ch21-35 area, ]


26-May-09, 10:03
The switchover will not make much of a difference. There will be an increase in power from the transmitter but the mux's will not change so you would still need a wideband aerial.

27-May-09, 01:08
cant say if there will be a mux chan change for sky when the switchover happens, but, the reasons behind sky being in the higher chan range was interaction between the two transmitters and another system operational on the mast.

when the analogue switch off happens and freeview goes to the more powerful transmitters , i suspect, as the interaction will stop, there might well be a change.

nuff said