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25-May-09, 18:48
Eeek! Think our cat is pregnant. Not sure what we are supposed to do, how long is the gestation period? She is only 2 years old and has always been a house cat which is why she wasnt neutered but we had an intruder about 6 weeks ago (local cat came in the window) thought they just had a fight but obviously not and our cat now looking very fat!!

25-May-09, 20:33
cats are pregnant for about 9 weeks, so count from the first time you know she did the furry tango with the intruding feline romeo, and start leaving soft lined boxes in strategic places round the house, she will hopefully pick one when the birth is imminent. or if your unlucky like me she'll pick the middle of your bed, all over the quilt!!!!(this happend to me twice, 2nd and 3rd litters, 1st litter was born in in a hollow tree in a neighbours garden!!!)

25-May-09, 23:09
My cat had her kittens on my bed and the dog had her puppies on my daughthers bed so they will go where they want keep us all posted x