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25-May-09, 15:49
Do you use herbs and spices? I use a lot and have recently found that Jack Mackay's in Thurso has a great range at very good prices.
For example, I wanted star anise, in Tesco 25g was 2.49, at Mackay's it was 20g for 1.10! I have found this to be the case with most (but not all) of their spices.

25-May-09, 21:57
hi there where abouts is this shop and is it all pre packed stuff or like pick n mix? and how big a selection do they have?

26-May-09, 00:54
It's the little delicatessen shop between McBeaths Jewellers and Jonstons Bakery or thereabouts.
They have a much better selection than Tesco's Thurso, everything is in jars or packets. I was just delighted to find them as I couldn't get what I wanted elsewhere. :)

26-May-09, 03:39
If you go down to the woods today might still be sum wild garlic left to pick for free