View Full Version : Car respraying

24-May-09, 07:50
Can anyone recommend someone to repair and respray a small rust patch on the boot my car.

Thank you.

24-May-09, 09:37
SPRAYTECH in Halkirk for an excellent job, you can also get a free estimate first. Tele 01847 831478

31-May-09, 19:39
Spray-tech gets my vote, has done several jobs for me, excellent job every time and prices till match as well!!

Frist class service!:Razz

31-May-09, 21:42
I concur - someone recently reversed into my car (and thankfully was honest enough to find me and admit it) and I saw the recommendation for Spraytech here. They did a first class job and their prices (even though I was lucky enough not to have to pay myself) seemed very reasonable.