View Full Version : Central Hotel Thurso

23-May-09, 17:32
We haven't eaten there for some time as it was pretty dire last time we did. We decided to give it a try again today. We ordered at 2:20, at about 2:40 they came and told us our order had dissapeared but that it was through now and it shouldn't be long. At 2:55 hubby went to get our money back. The meal had still not been started.

We wasted the best part of an hour waiting for a meal that never arrived - it wasn't anything complicated either.

We then went down to the surfing cafe at the harbour in Thurso, were given a superb meal within 10 minutes - the only critism I could make was that there was far too much and we both left a lot. It was also a much healthier meal than we were originally going to have. So we were pleased that we ate there in the end, I just grudged losing so much of my Saturday sitting waiting for something that should have been there in 10 mins!

No recommendation from me, again!