View Full Version : Clock menders

23-May-09, 10:49
Does anyone know of any good clock menders? I have a couple of old 8 day mantle clocks and a 1 day kitchen clock that need some attention. 1 of my 8 day clocks has stopped working altogether, the other one could probably do with a service and the kitchen clock has stopped because I was a bit too enthusiastic with winding it up and I think I've bust the spring. :(

23-May-09, 12:43
The jewellers on Bridge Street in Wick are good, just had them repair an old mantle clock.

23-May-09, 16:33
Cameo Jewellers in High Street in Wick used to do clock repairs. They are opposite Boots.

23-May-09, 22:27
Thanks for the info gunnlass and dirdyweeker. Will give them a try. :D