View Full Version : Fuchsia probs

22-May-09, 12:40
I have a fair few young Fuchsia plug plants that I've been bringing on.
All were doing well but now they seem to have stopped growing and the new leaves are turning yellow until they're completely yellow.
Any idea what is wrong.
It only seems to be the new youngsters, none of the established ones are doing it.

I did put their tubs out a couple of weeks back without hardening them off first but that wouldn't do it would it? Maybe stunt their growth a bit, but would they turn yellow?
I also watered them with seaweed liquid (home made - all salt removed) but that wouldn't do it would it?
All the plugs are planted in new Levington compost so perhaps they didn't need the liquid feed yet?

Any ideas as I'm gonna lose these plants.