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elastic band
21-May-09, 14:24
hi there, i have a wedding to attend at end of june and am looking to have my make up done professionally. Louise at curl up and dye is doing my hair -simply because she is fantastic and now i want the make up to match. Looking for someone in wick -or perhaps mobile who will come to the house and do it.
thanks everyone

21-May-09, 20:47
How about Emma next door in Curl up n Dye? Means you wouldn't have to go over far and she is really good too, she can even do a trial for you too. You just phone the same number as the hairdressers to get an appointment with Emma.
Katy x

22-May-09, 13:01
Kirsty scollay is a brillant beauty therapist she does homers her number is 07884032411 give her a call she does alot of wedding make up i hear

elastic band
22-May-09, 13:21
hi folks,
thanks to all who replied and PM'd with numbers -much appreciated.