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Tom Cornwall
20-May-09, 19:52
we've just come back from a place in Turkey, called Olu Deniz..it was excellent..the people were great..very friendly, they tried to speak English, but most could anyway...very cheap as well...and it was warm for May, around 30 deg..I just thought I'd recommend it to youse folks:)

20-May-09, 20:58
been there a few years ago, and found it to be super - specially liked the blue lagoon and the boat trips, also did a paraglide - superb

22-May-09, 17:05
My OH and I love Kos.

We stay in Tingaki been there twice and looking at going back. Great people, weather, trips and fantastic places to eat, everything is so fresh.

Very reasonable on price also, holidays are getting dearer to popularity increase.

We generally go September/October and still 30+ *C