View Full Version : moving house

20-May-09, 12:36
I was wondering if anyone on here knows a good reliable person with a van that does or to assist in moving furniture from one house to another

20-May-09, 14:00
Try William on 07886751346. He is a man with a van available evenings and weekends. Based in Thurso but will work anywhere in the County. Reasonable rates. My friend used him to move recently.

20-May-09, 15:09
sam salim he has a furniture shop in wick hes fantastic.

20-May-09, 18:31
I assumed you were moving stuff on the Thurso side of the county, hence the number for William. On the Wick side Plowmans carpets in Girnigoe Street have a removal service. Dad used them when he downsized 18 months ago and nothing was too much trouble.