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18-May-09, 09:07
Hi. I'm attaching 2 screenshots - the Device Manager page suggests I have a 32 bit PC (86=32) whereas Vista Manager (a 'tweaking' tool) seems to be saying 64 bit. I'm running two Operating Systems just now - Vista and Windows 7. Both are 32 bit versions. Am I or am I not able to run a 64 bit OS?

Many thanks

18-May-09, 10:45
I am pretty sure it depends on the CPU and possible your MotherBoard.

Whats the CPU and mobo ?

Bearing in mind, if you want to use x64bit, and u have a h/disc ready it won't hurt to just try and install it, if your pc is not compatible, it won't install it, end of.

The are many ups and downs to using x64bit s/w, trust me when i say i have had most of them :) and am back using x86bit XP.

18-May-09, 11:08
It depends on your CPU. What CPU do you have (or what PC do you have if it's branded)?

The easiest place to find out which OS you are running is to go into Start->Control Panel->System - it will tell you there if you are using an x64 version.

I've been running x64 of XP and now Windows 7 for a good while. The only issue I had was drivers in XP for some hardware. Other than that it runs fine and I have no issues at all.

There will come a time when the OS will be x64 only. Windows 7 will be released for x86 and x64 but I think this is the last desktop OS that this will happen on. Windows Server OS's are all heading that way already.

18-May-09, 12:51
Hi again. Here are the specs as provided by the online PC supplier, pcspecialist.co.uk:
INTEL® PENTIUM® 4 631 (3.0GHz) 800MHz FSB/HTT/2MB L2 Cache Memory (RAM)
1024 MB CORSAIR DDR2 533MHz - LIFETIME WARRANTY! (2x512MB) Motherboard
ASUS® P5VD2-MX SE: DUAL DDR2, S-ATA, x16 slot, 2 PCI, etc Operating System
WINDOWS® VISTA Home Premium (inc Genuine CD & License) (£70)

So is there no way (Device Manager etc) of finding out via the PC itself whether it can handle x64?


18-May-09, 13:19
Yes your Processor and Motherboard are x64 compatible

18-May-09, 13:22
Thanks lazytown. So, how can you tell?

18-May-09, 13:25
All the Intel 6xx processors have x64 capability and a quick google of your motherboard brought one up from amazon which says x64 built in

Here is a link to the intel site


18-May-09, 13:48
Thanks again. I shoulda considered this before I downloaded the x86 Windows7. Now for another 2 hour+ download...

18-May-09, 14:05
Thanks again. I shoulda considered this before I downloaded the x86 Windows7. Now for another 2 hour+ download...

There is not really a great deal of advantage for 'normal' people to use the x64 version. My primary reason for using it initially was that it could handle 4GB ram which my laptop and desktop both have.