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Anne x
18-May-09, 01:17
Today Gabby our beautiful Cocker Spaniel fell asleep at 2.30 pm very peacefully she tried so hard the heart was willing but the Body gave up and we had to let go we are devastated as its only me and him now !!!
Thank you to one very Kind orger and friend who has chatted and has been so supportive since Friday you know who you are
Above all thanks to everyone since Nov 08 who supported us and gave us hope and love you are a great lot of animal lovers long may it continue

Your in My Heart your in My Soul your my Best friend always

our sincere thanks
Anne x & OH

18-May-09, 01:57
I am so sorry for your loss, you must be devastated. Thinking of you. fran

Margaret M.
18-May-09, 04:45
Oh Anne, I am so sorry that Gabby had to leave. These past few months must have been very difficult for you. Take comfort from the memories of your lovely doggie and from knowing you loved her and gave her the best care possible.

18-May-09, 08:03
Thinking of you, Anne. I know you and your OH must be feeling heartbroken just now.

As Margaret M. says, try to take comfort from knowing that you gave Gabby such a loving home and a really happy life. You did everything you could for her right to the end, and she's free and at peace now.

In time the memories you have of her will be happy ones that last forever.

arana negra
18-May-09, 08:14
Sad to read of you loss, I am sure you have lots of happy memories.

18-May-09, 12:39
I am so very, very sorry that Gabby has passed. It is good though that she went so peacefully as this will give you some comfort.

I know she will leave a huge gap in your life and my heart goes out to you.

She was lucky to have known such wonderful love in this life and will be waiting for you in the next.

In time you will be able to remember her and smile instead of cry.

Take care xxx

18-May-09, 15:20
Such sad news. I'll be thinking of you, take comfort from knowing she had a good life with you xx

18-May-09, 15:25
Your brave wee pall hung onto the bitter end but had to give in .
I'm sure she'll alwas be with you as this was one well loved friend and companion.:~(

Take care .x

hell raizer
18-May-09, 15:41
anne x, i'm so sorry to hear about your loss as i know to well how it feels. thinking of you

18-May-09, 17:18
Words fail to say the heartfelt sorrow, I feel that your beautiful, loving Gabby had to depart on her special journey. What a wonderful life she had with you, always there loving her as your dear and special friend.
All the love you gave her she has parcelled up and taken it all with her, where she will keep it safe till the day you are ready to give to another.
Bless you and be strong and know that someday the tears will dry and your heart will smile when the memories come.

18-May-09, 17:31
I am so sorry to hear that you lost your beloved Gabby, Lots of hugs to you both xoxoxox

18-May-09, 18:36
Anne....you know you are in my thoughts.god bless gabby.x

18-May-09, 18:50
That is so very sad to hear! Sorry for the loss.

Thinking of you!


18-May-09, 21:46
oh Anne! I read this at work (which we're not supposed to do!) and nearly burst into tears reading it. I feel so sorry for you and can imagine the heartache you are going through just now.

As teenybash says you gave Gabby a wonderful life and she will have taken that with her over Rainbow Bridge where she can now run with the energy she had as a youngster.

If virtual hugs are reaching you just now you will be squeezed to bits. We are all here for you when you need us xxx

18-May-09, 22:04
Hi Anne, so sorry to hear about Gabby. She played such a big part in your lives and we all know how much she meant to both of you. Take some comfort in knowing that we are all thinking of you. It will take time, but the sadness will pass and the memories of the wonderful life you gave her will be with you forever. Take care. x

Kevin Milkins
19-May-09, 09:26
So sorry that you have lost Gabby, Anne.

Life can seem such a bum deal at times.:(

19-May-09, 11:05
My heartfelt sympathies to you both Anne.

I know how difficult a time this must be for you, but as the others say - the tears will dry and very happy memories will let you smile again.

God Bless XX

19-May-09, 20:09
Thoughts and hugs, Anne - what a terrible time for you.

Hoping soon you will have more smiles than tears when you think of her.


19-May-09, 21:52
So sorry to hear of your sad loss of Gabby your faithful companion.

Anne x
21-May-09, 19:36
Just want to say a very big thank you for all your Messages Pms E mails Calls and Texts you have all been so Kind
want to share with you what was said to me today

"Let us never Forget them but Learn from their Silent Wisdom "

Anne & O H