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17-May-09, 17:46
Hi all

We are looking for some chickens to add to our family. We already have seven chicks: 6 beautiful girls and one exceptionally handsome cockerel, and would like 3 or 4 more. We have Rhode Island Red, Maran and Black Rock and wondered if anyone knows of any different girls or, if not, perhaps could signpost us in the right direction? We would hope to have the new chickies within the next 3 or 4 weeks.

Be assured, these animals are strictly as pets and WOULD NEVER be eaten; we even have a little chickie graveyard and markers for each of our girls who have flown to the Great Scratching Ground in the sky!

Any help or advice anyone is able to offer would be greatly appreciated. Age and condition of the animals is not a factor, indeed, Norman our cockerel is visually challenged (only one eye), but to us, he's fabulous!

Please PM or call with details 01847 892740.

Thank you

20-May-09, 23:00
I read somewhere that it is against the law to bury chickens. But its ok to put them in your bin.....Don't no what I'll do when my girls pass on,as the latter sounds awfull. We have four at the moment and are also looking for some different breeds, They do make great pets..