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15-May-09, 15:20
Hoping for a bit of advice guys.
My wee doggie is 10 months old, a complete angel, we've never had any probs with her, she gets on fab with ma wee boy - they're like the best of friends.
I went out in the afternoon the other day for a few hours, when i came home my OH had already arrived home from work. Needless to say OH did not look happy - he pointed to the wall beside the dogs basket.
There was a large hole in the wall, the dog had clawed (and chewed - her nose was still covered in plasterboard dust) her way right through the paint and plasterboard.
She has never done anything like this before - shes got plenty of toys which she loves chewing, shes used with being left alone for a few hours a day, and she had just been out a long walk with me before i left her for those few hours.
She is very obediant and respectful - expecially with my OH.
Now I'm a soft touch, but my OH is fuming as the hole is pretty big and noticable (and wont be disguised by putting a plant in front of it - i tried :lol: )
Does anyone know why shes doing this all of a sudden?
OH wants to keep her outside permanately...I dont! I've managed to get round him by saying its surely a one off as shes never done anything like this before..but if she does it again...poor pups is outside :(

15-May-09, 16:11
Wish I had some helpfull advice but maybe Brandy can help because I'm pretty sure she posted a photo of her dog and an offending chewed plaster board wall.:eek:

15-May-09, 17:29
It could possibly be the run up to her coming in season as that can make some girlies misbehave. I have a puppy ( 2 in July but definitely still a pup!) who has been the most horrendous chewer but recently I had relaxed and left her out of her cage at night as she seemd to be improving. Fine for a while but suddenly she is at it again I think its because her season is due.

My other girls dont chew leading up to a season but I find they can just be generally disobedient and recall becomes a distant memory!

Tell your OH you are lucky, at least he doesnt have a piece of wallpaper removed in every room in the house as I do amongst other things!

15-May-09, 17:58
I have a sheet of metal bent round the corner of my wall as our pup had a chew last week.
I had a boxer take my wall back to brick :eek: We actually stuck a sheet of thin metal over it until he had totally forgotten about it and repaired it later.
Try norfrost for an offcut of metal and stick it on with double sided tape. That way it is safe until she forgets about it cos at the moment it is a fab toy :eek:

15-May-09, 19:55
Could there have been a wee mouse behind the plasterboard? This could account for her sudden need to scrape and chew the wall. Good advice from everyone so have a try..........tell your oh it's only a bit of wall board and will easily repair ;)

16-May-09, 15:21
Thanks for the replies!
I Think it could be that shes coming into season, just before the very first time she was in heat she got awful mischevious!
The OH is just stubborn, hes still 'not speaking' to pups, poor thing dosnt have a clue why daddy isn't playing with her anymore...he'll soften yet.

16-May-09, 15:45
As the more intelligent species hubby should get over it and be more understanding, if not how about putting him out and keeping pups [lol]