View Full Version : mobile broadband dongle

15-May-09, 15:13

Does anyone in Wick have a mobile broadband dongle and if so what make is it and does it have good signal? As we have been enquiring to get one but have been told there may not be signal up in Wick.


15-May-09, 16:16
If it does work at all up here, I doubt it would be terribly great. Unless of course you like plenty of cuppa's while waiting for pages to load ;)

15-May-09, 17:34
my sister had one in lybster, vodaphone i think. it was bery slow, she actually could make the cuppa while waiting for the page to load!!:lol: now shes got broadband and drinking much less coffee!!

my x-oh has a one in derby and its just as slow, so area doesnt necessarily relate to speed.

15-May-09, 18:18
I was looking at getting one of these too as i'm paying for broadband at home and in the shop.

One of my sales reps had a vodafone one and the speed was really poor. Think being in the back of beyond i will need to stick to broadband.