View Full Version : Cycling Power Horse going unnoticed

15-May-09, 01:23
In the morning and late afternoon I notice a cyclist a cyclist who cycles at speed, he does not look like a time trialist he's just a commuter but some of the speeds I've clocked him at has the potential to win medals and trophies for Caithness CC. Caithness CC could try to encourage this man to join the club and compete in time trials. I think if this guy was given the right guidance by cycling professionals this person could compete even in races like the Tour de France, you never know he could win it. Don't miss a opportunity Caithness CC get this cycling power horse of a man into the ranks of the cycling club, he has the potential for cycling greatness.

15-May-09, 22:22
I think it's me.

16-May-09, 16:04
I think it's me.

I know the name of this person but I can't reveal it due to data protection, I can reveal that this person cycles 20miles a day to and from work in almost all weathers a real hardy man and this week at murkle I clocked him doing 38Mph not bad for a push bike just cycling home from work.

16-May-09, 19:24
I've done 40.7mph down the hill out past spring park, cant mind the name of that road :lol: