View Full Version : Puss Moth

14-May-09, 14:53
The first Puss Moths of the year are starting to appear in Caithness - I have seen two this week. Image attached of one from my garden.

14-May-09, 16:47
Another picture of the Puss Moth


15-May-09, 23:09
That looks scary to me, but a crackin moth all the same. I

do not know much about them, but I have been to moth nights and enjoyed them, I keep saying I must try to make a trap. My original reason for going was I was a bitty scared of them but I can now deal with medium sized ones. However at a Moth night in Dunnet a Poplar Hawk moth was taken out and when it started flying around I freaked.

15-May-09, 23:25
It is beautiful but I'm like you Kas!lol

16-May-09, 17:41
It is beautiful but I'm like you Kas!lol
im a bitty scared too but beautiful things they are