View Full Version : a need a new bassist

26-Oct-03, 15:37
is ne1 intrested in playin bass in ma bnd. we need sum1 who is gud (unlike our current bassist) gud at improvisin etc. we du mainly our own stuf. were quite new nd av dun a cuple o small gig thngs lek e blu munday etc. weresorta rok/classic metal nd were cald fear of faith. wed lek sum1 sorta between da age o 12 nd 16 nd wud b fairly commited. if ne1 is interested please send a message 2 is thng or ma email a duno jst wot u lek.

09-Nov-03, 17:04
What happend to your old bassist????

05-Dec-03, 00:35
hey, jus saw u guys at the Wick 'Ard Rock concert n i thot u guys were awsome. I'd love to play for u guys if the offer is still there, n if i had enuf experiance as a bassist but sadly i hav a basic knowledge, o the thing.but ihey i liv in Wick, n my name is Scott, i'm 16 n i luv mostly metal n wot gets labeled as "post-hardcore", so even if u'r jus interested in chattin bout general music n crap, i would'nt mind hearin from ya. P.S my e-mail is r3tard3d_chimp@hotmail.com not the one thats given. thanks

11-Jan-04, 01:10
yo man ma eail aint wurxin 2 gud just nw and ma email wudnt send 2 ya so al get in contact as sune as possible