View Full Version : The Orphanage

percy toboggan
13-May-09, 07:48
I received this for my birthday and we watched it last night with a cheeky French Greenache-Syrah - the one in the funny shaped bottle? from J.P. Chenet.

Spanish dialogue with English sub-titles. Set in a large rambling house near the coast. A woman who was brought up in the place when it was an orphanage and now owns it. She's adopted a young boy as a baby - he's HIV positive and has behavioural problems.

He has imaginary friends. As soon as they move in these imaginary friends increase in number and manifest in some strange ways. Masks are menacingly deployed to add a horror factor, and wide eyed dolls seek to unsettle the viewer. My wife is doll averse...so am I, to a lesser extent.

I was a little disappointed. There were two or three moments which made my flesh creep if I'm honest. There are some stunning location shots and the end of the film does bring some resolution to the tension which has been building and answers to the questions posed.

I need to watch it again perhaps...but it might not be for some time yet.

It was billed as the 'most frightneing ghost story since 'The Others' which seems to damn the production with feint praise.

I award it five out of ten with a revision to six always possible ;)

13-May-09, 08:12
I liked the twist in it and there was a couple of odd moments but apart from that it wasnt that great i thought.

15-May-09, 15:52
I watched this one saturday afternoon, must say i quite enjoyed it even with the silly twist at the end. I'd give it 7.5(being generous).