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jim shoe
12-May-09, 21:19
Had a mild skin problem, where the local pharmicist suggested i see my doctor.

I went into semi chem spoke to two of the girls there, who sold me two skin care products which didnt cost an arm and a leg.

And already my skin is less red and i feel better.

well done to the girls in semi chem.

They offer sound practical advice and are always helpful and kind.

one even remembered my favourite perfume which my deceased mum bought originally for me.

Where else can you get that standard of service.

thank you all the girls in semi chem and i hope the bosses appreciate the good quality staff they have there.

keep up the good work.:Razz

12-May-09, 21:38
I'm glad the skincare product is working for you however I think I would take the advice of the pharmacist over the girls from semichem as they have no medical training whereas the pharmacist does. A prescription is only 3 now I think too so not that expensive compared to what a dermological cream costs

12-May-09, 22:41
Im glad the girls in semi-chem are good, but for goodness sake, they dont have the medical training.

A pharmacist knows what he is talking about and is trained to give sound medical advice.

Skin-care products can help in the short term, but probably wont treat the underlying problem. Please listen to your healthcare professionals.

jim shoe
13-May-09, 09:03
This problem was so mild it wasnt worth bothering a doctor with.

I mean sseriously who would go to the doctor with a mild skin problem, when there are really sick people out there needing the appointment more.

13-May-09, 10:42
Whats the big problem with the girls giving someone some cream to help some itchy skin ?.
They can't give out anything harmful, it's no different than you going into tescos and self medicating there on creams.
Always some people ready to bite @ something, get a grip

Poor jim starts a praise thread and ends up having to defend it

13-May-09, 11:14
What's the point in asking for help in the first place if you are going to ignore the advice given?

13-May-09, 11:37
I find the cream i need for my skin is half the price in Semi chem than the chemists.:)

14-May-09, 18:06
What is wrong with you all, it was praise for a local shop.

14-May-09, 22:00
What is wrong with you all, it was praise for a local shop.

Agree with you,Jim shoe was only giving praise.:eek:

15-May-09, 10:09
Sorry if I sounded harsh :( I didnt mean to.

It's just that I know that minor skin problems can turn into major ones if they're not seen to properly.