View Full Version : Cocoa Mountain hot chocolate

12-May-09, 18:38
Seriously the best hot chocolate in the world. Exaggerating? Not at all!! You will find Cocoa Mountain in the Balnakeil Craft Village just past Durness. Well worth the visit. :Razz

Caithness Lass
12-May-09, 19:30
I agree with you there Saba. Discovered Cocoa Mountain accidentally when on a trip out west. Amazing hot chocolate and the truffles are to die for. They recently won the EatScotland Food Tourism Award for their chocolates and with such good reason. Recommend you visiting their website too. You can order chocolates off the site which is great as you don't need to go the whole way out to Balnakeil but it is worth the treck out their.

Anyone else been their???

13-May-09, 10:48
No but I'd like to!
I have not been a trip out west for years, might try and convince OH to take a run out this weekend!
Just having a look at their website now...yummy!

13-May-09, 11:52
I came across their chocolates after seeing them on the tv last year. Check out their website if you are looking to send chocolates as a gift!

14-May-09, 12:31
Had a look on their website looks yummy! Haven't been up to Durness for 2 years must make a point o going there next time though!