View Full Version : hamsters claws.

09-May-09, 14:13
i have just noticed that one of my hamsters claws are kinda getting long, can anyone give me advice on how to get them short, dont want to try and cut them.

09-May-09, 15:15
Put a brick in the cage to wear them down. You would just need to nip the ends off them with normal nail clippers.

09-May-09, 22:23
thanks for that, will find a brick or 2 .

09-May-09, 22:59
If you get a brick that is shaped as in has a dip in it you can actually use it as a food dish and they will climb on it to get their food thus wearing down their nails. This is also good for rabbits.
ps. obviously make sure it is on the base of the cage so they cannot bury under it.