View Full Version : Have you lost a cat in Thurso Today ?

06-May-09, 21:12
Caithness Cats Protection League received a report of a cat stowing away in van today. The cat is believed to have stowed away in the Laurie Terrace Road area of Thurso and was discovered hiding in the engine when the van reached it's destination: Seater Tip
The cat is grey and white and stowed away early this morning.
Please contact Caithness Cats Protection helpline on 0845 371 4217 for further information.

07-May-09, 03:28
Maybe an idea to just release it in the Laurie Terrace area and it'll find it's own way home!:confused

07-May-09, 09:06
Sadly the cat is still at Seater Tip. Attempts will be made to catch it today ( It was reported too late in the day to be able to do anything yesterday -as the Tip facility closes at 5 pm and we were unable to gain access ) It would be helpful to locate the owners as the cat may well respond to them- it is very wary of strangers.

07-May-09, 11:57
Really hope this very frightened cat is captured and returned home soon....hopefully hunger will entice it to come to friendly folk who are waiting to help with its plight.

07-May-09, 16:56
Cat caught !!! Is now safe and well and has a good meal . Possible owner has now come forward -Fingers crossed !

07-May-09, 17:27
Well done for catching the cat and at least it will be well looked after now until, hopefully, it is reunited with it's owner.:D

Caithness Cats Protection do such a brilliant work and I know they are struggling due to lack of volunteers. So please if you any of you cat lovers can help then give them a call.

07-May-09, 17:45
Well done :D

07-May-09, 20:37
that is really good news, hopefully he is now safe at home.:mad::mad:

07-May-09, 21:31
Hope he doesnt have a taste for travelling now and stays at home!

08-May-09, 17:45
The lovely little cat has been reunited with her family - have to say she seemed really pleased to see her mum ! Well done Caithness.org in helping puddy tat and family to be reunited.

08-May-09, 18:39
That is great news.:D

08-May-09, 21:27
Just thought I would add a thank you to the very kind gentlemen at Seater Landfill, who were very helpful and concerned for the cat we rescued. Someone came out to meet us at the gate and took us straight to where the cat was hiding under a portacabin. :) Thank you for your help.

09-May-09, 00:05
Alls well that ends well.........a nice happy ending.:)