View Full Version : Help !!!!

06-May-09, 19:00
Does anyone know any good places that fix phones?????

06-May-09, 19:57
whats the problem with it?

08-May-09, 20:55
Cracked the screen :/

08-May-09, 22:06
If its a contract phone them up and they ll get it picked up and fixed at no cost, Pay as you go sometime your better off buying a new one with the prices some people charge or you can keep an eye out on ebay for one but make sure they include the special screw drivers otherwise you wont be able to get the panel off its quite easy to diy most of the time and saves a fortune :)

08-May-09, 22:53
cheers,i think i will try that

11-May-09, 23:31
did you get your phone fixed, if not what makeis it, I may be able to help:D