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06-May-09, 12:38
What a brilliant set up they have, with very friendly and informative staff.

Also, quite a few lovely animals in there, who need new homes.

I was really delighted with the place, and if ever I was looking for a pet, I would definately take a look there first.:D

06-May-09, 13:58
I'm totally with you there :D

I have two lovely dogs from Balmore, and two cats too.

Friendly staff who really care about the animals and love their job. The place is always clean too.

Shame its nearly always full :(

06-May-09, 14:13
They are having an open day soon, not to sure about date but I am sure it will be in newspaper

06-May-09, 14:41
Absolutely agree, I was out at the weekend and the staff were all lovely, again though shame there are so many dogs in especial waiting for a loving home.

06-May-09, 14:42
Totally agree, Staff are friendly and helpful and very good with the animals, Place was clean and warm so much so the animals wont want to leave:D

06-May-09, 17:48
Edited because I worked it out on my own ;)

06-May-09, 18:04
I agree as they are really nice people there and deserve all the help they can get. :D

06-May-09, 19:18
They do a great and often, very difficult, job so well done!:D

06-May-09, 19:51
They have very kindly agreed to take my bunnies when I go on holiday. I will give them a very generous donation of course for the peace of mind that they will be very well taken care off. I never realised how difficult it is to get bunny boarding.
I am thinking of starting my own as I have the space and time but thank you Balmore for helping out.

06-May-09, 20:07
bunny boarding is a great idea....and guinea pig, hamsters, mice, rats etc.

could be onto a winner there!

06-May-09, 20:12
Thank you all for your very kind words. We all love animals and try our very best to keep the animals in our care clean, happy and contented.

Our Open Day is on 20th June where we hold a scrufts dog show and have various stalls and people can come out and have a look round the centre. More details to follow nearer the time.

Once again Thank you all for your support and generosity.

Our next fundraising event is our Sponsored Dog Walk, which is on Sunday 17th May and takes place up the Hill of Forss, Thurso Why not walk your dog and help those other dogs less fortunate, by rasiing money for the Scottish SPCA. Contact the Centre 01847861386 for a sponsor form.

06-May-09, 20:31
they are really lovely out there, we have had both our dogs from there and 3 cats, but if i had my way it would be a lot more, dont think there is anyone that could go out there without having the old heart strings pulled on.