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05-May-09, 23:37
I catch up with a lot of programmes on BBCi but lately it's driving me insane. I just start to watch a programme and the picture freezes for a second and then gets left behind the dialogue when it starts again. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to attempt to fix it.

05-May-09, 23:49
If you hold the stop playback thing for a bit Venture ( II ) < that thingy then watch the slider move along a bit and then play it should help - if you don't understand my technical explanation give me a pm! I am trying (some say very!) A helpful Orger told me that tip and it works!

05-May-09, 23:53
I've tried that before wifie but it still dosen't start running normal.:(

05-May-09, 23:53
That stop playback thingy is called the pause button. Move your wee arrow thingy, called the cursor, over it and press once. When the upload timer has reached a suitable length then you can unpause and watch the programme.

05-May-09, 23:55
but have you given it enough time to fill up a bit Venture? Thank you jox - you know I have a dreadful grasp of technical language! :Razz But see Venture knew what I meant!

06-May-09, 00:00
Tried it again, this time for 4 minutes and still the picture is way behind the dialogue and moving in slow motion. It dosen't happen when I use 4OD. No problems there.

06-May-09, 00:07
Oh I am sorry Venture I never noticed the bit about the pic separating from the dialogue. I should keep my beeg beak out of techie things! :( Have you checked to see if there is any help on the i itself? I suppose you have - you are sensible! :(

06-May-09, 00:07
Do you have the latest version of BBCi player? I changed mine last week so maybe that is the problem. Maybe uninstalling it from your system then downloading it again may help.

06-May-09, 00:16
Thanks wifie for the help. Cheers Jox I'll try that tomorrow and see if it works. Too technical for me to do at this time of morning. ;);)

06-May-09, 04:17
Another thing you could try is to download the "iplayer", then download the programme you want to watch (this can take some time), then watch it at your leisure.
I believe you have a week to do that, and you don't get those annoying pauses during the viewing. ;)

07-May-09, 23:51
if you have never run one, it might be an idea to run a unwanted files cleaner.
it might well be an issue with temp files or alike cloggy the system

try downloading and running one of these.
ATFcleaner [run standalone without installation]
Ccleaner [installable cleaner + utils]
Glary Utils [installable system maint prog]

my fav is glary utils which you can get from filehippo or majorgeeks site
it has a one hit wonder button.

if that does not cure it, then it's time to look at the reliability of your adsl connection.