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05-May-09, 15:34
Any of you guys running this this weekend? I signed up and am really excited now and a wee bit nervous too.
Total beginner runner so if i can get round the whole course running then i would be delighted.

Good luck to everyone that is taking part

would like to run the race in 1hr 10mins (although that may never happen)

05-May-09, 18:42
An good luck an all the best to you eadeyhouse (if I have that right)
Let us know how you got on!!!:)

05-May-09, 20:53
I have entered too and did the Nairn 10k in March 08 in exactly one hour so all I want to do is hit that time or less and I will be delighted!! Should be a good day. Out of 250 entries I do expect to come in the last 50....

05-May-09, 21:55
Good luck to everyone in the Mey 10K - hope the weather is kind and you all achieve the times you wish for (or better)! :D

05-May-09, 22:06
My record is 1hr 12 for 10kilometres, so theres some incentive to beat my time.

Viking Girl
06-May-09, 20:14
Good luck to everyone who is running the Castle of Mey 10k this Sunday!! Time is not important, just enjoy the race :D:D

06-May-09, 23:02
I'll second that Viking Girl! The very best of luck to everyone taking part - I admire them all :)