View Full Version : Cat Clawing New Windows!!!

05-May-09, 07:15
My 8 year old cat has had a habit of clawing at our window frames when she is out. We have just had new windows put in and she is still at it!!!! I have tried spraying with a spray specially made to keep cats away but it doesn't make any difference. She has also clawed away at various bits of the carpet and leather suite - getting a bit fed up of it now!!!

Can anyone offer advice?

05-May-09, 11:37
You could try Soft Claws which you can buy through Ebay or direct from http://www.spuk.com

They look pretty aswell......my cat also is a scratcher and though I clip her nails she still loves to scratch one of my doors......so I am onto Ebay to buy some.

05-May-09, 12:55
These look really good Teenybash. In the meantime try putting a wee drop of Olbas Oil on the items you want your cat to stop scratching as they don't like the smell.

You could also try filling a clean spray bottle with water and giving your cat a gentle spray every time she scratches something you don't want to.

My wee cat Suzy sometimes scratches the fireside rug but if I just should shout NO she stops.

05-May-09, 13:52
I have just had another look and it says that Soft Claws can't be used on cats that go outside.