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03-May-09, 19:42
I have taken a few film clips with a new Vidcam, and transferred the SD card to my laptop to view; however in Windows Media Player all I can hear is the sound with no pictures - what's going on?

03-May-09, 20:38
If it is windows vista that you have on your laptop, download another AVI player and use it. See link below.


04-May-09, 09:32
You're probably lacking the correct Codec. VLC http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ will play almost anything.


05-May-09, 12:46
The problem as RIR says is that you lack the correct CODEC. A codec decodes the information in the AVI file so that you can view the video. There are audio and video codecs which is why you can hear it but not see it.

VLC is excellent but can be a little awkward to work with if you're used to Windows Media Player. An alternative is a little long winded but will allow you to view it in Windows Media Player.

Download GSpot (http://www.headbands.com/gspot/) which allows you to detect the type of codecs that a video uses. Once you have that you can google for the correct video codec, download it and install it.

When downloading ANY codecs make sure you do it from a reliable site as codec installs are a VERY common way for malware to be distributed.

Niall Fernie
05-May-09, 16:20
I second the recommendation for Gspot.

If you're into video editing, conversion etc I'd also recommend checking out www.doom9.org (http://www.doom9.org) as it is THE website to get information on all the tools you will ever need for conversion and editing. It also has a great forum and contains loads and loads of guides and how to's.

As for codecs, best place to start is here: http://codecguide.com/

Its packed full of all the codecs you will ever need to play almost anything. If you install one of the bigger codec packs even windows media player cant complain.

I also use Video Lan sometimes, but Media Player Classic which you will find here: http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/ inconjunction with a good codec pack will play pretty much anything.

I'd advise trying Media Player Classic before anything else as it will also install a good few codecs and filters, if you still find things that will not play properly then one of the k-lite codec packs will sort you out.