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03-May-09, 19:07
...my friend is unable to use her laptop on the wireless network and we can't suss out what's wrong. The router lights all seem OK but it only connects to the internet with the network cable permanently plugged in. She lives in Latheron - is there anyone locally (or distantly even) that would see if they can sort this out? There are a confusing jungle of network set-ups on the system that need deleting but we're not brave enough to do it! We expect to pay of course!

03-May-09, 19:54
Pete Brown from Watten, highly recommended.

03-May-09, 20:53
Which windows is she using, if it is XP you might have to go into network connections in the control panel and disable the LAN connection for the wireless connection to work.
If vista does it say limited connectivity if you mouse over the wireless icon in the system tray, if so go to network and sharing center in the control panel and then click on view status of the wireless connection and then select wireless properties and then the security tab and check what is selected in the security type as this has to match the router.

03-May-09, 23:47
Well i have vista and i had the same problem and what was wrong with me was the security settings or security engription was not the same on the laptop to what was set on the router once i changed the settings in the laptop it worked ok the security setting on the laptop was under wirless network connections status