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03-May-09, 16:37
What did you guys think of Jamie Pugh's audition on Britains Got Talent last night. He sung Bring Him Home from Les Miserables. I think he will be up there in the final with Susan Boyle probably. His singing wasnt the very best but he did put a lot of emotion into it when he got going. He was incredibly nervous too. Van driver by day, delivers pizza by night... amazing.

If you missed it you can watch his audition on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1KHRf02ups

03-May-09, 18:56
If he ever gets as far as releasing a CD then I, for one, would DEFINETLEY buy it - I keep replaying it (sad person or what :confused???) just to watch the reaction he got and to listen to that INCREDIBLE voice....

Yes, he's CERTAINLY up there with Susan Boyle !!!! :D

03-May-09, 19:20
Can't deny the emotion but afraid I don't think he is a brilliant singer (don't like all the vibrato)although I'm sure nerves didn't help.

Good luck to him though. Hope he realises his dream.

03-May-09, 19:31
Sorry I have to agree with Liz, he did nothing for me, no hair on the back of the neck rising as Susan Boyle performance did.

03-May-09, 19:34
I agree with both golach and Liz, I did not think this young was anything special at all, he was fair but not great. Oh well I suppose we cant all agree all the time.

03-May-09, 20:06
I feel he's a very good singer but not great. It would be nice if he got the opportunity to further his singing career but he will have to overcome his nerves and the competition is fierce. Good luck to him.

Cedric Farthsbottom III
03-May-09, 20:41
Jamie was nervous.Overcome by the crowds reaction to his singing.For when ye see a guy shaking while holding a microphone,ye know he isnae used to singing in front of a big crowd.Thought he was brilliant,as his nerves go,think he can only get better.
A genuine performance just like Susan.Best series for genuine talent so far,IMO.:D

03-May-09, 20:42
I thought he was good but not as great as Susan.His voice seemed to warble a bit but that could be nerves.You could see he was scanning the audience looking for his partner to see where she was sat.It must take a lot of bottle to stand there and sing though and i hope he can overcome his nerves if he is too do it again.Good luck to him.

03-May-09, 22:47
oh here we go again lol[lol][lol]

03-May-09, 23:43
I liked his voice but, for me he just didn't have that 'special something.' Hope he does well as he seemed a genuine guy.

04-May-09, 17:55
Jamie Pugh definitely has potential. I agree there was too much vibrato, but with vocal coaching, he could learn to control that. Once he gets over his stage fright, and builds more confidence in himself, he can only get better, not worse. I did like the fact that he sang with emotion, and used his hands to dramatic effect. I do think Jamie has talent, and wish him the best of luck! :D